Pool Etiquette 101 for Our Hickory Apartments

The weather is heating up and that means many of our residents will soon be hanging out poolside at one of the two resort-style, salt water swimming pools here at our Hickory apartments. While there is nothing more refreshing than a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day, it is important to keep basic pool etiquette in mind to ensure that you, your friends, and other guests have the best time possible. Today, the staff here at The Legends Luxury Apartments would like to take a few minutes to review some tips that will help you get the most out of your splash sessions this summer. Check them out below!

6 Pool Etiquette Tips

Keep It Clean

Let’s face it — no one wants to hop into a pool that is dirty. While our team certainly does everything in our power to keep the pool area clean, we often rely on our residents to help us keep it that way. There are a few simple things that you can do to help keep the pools in tip-top shape:

  • Keep your area clean. Be sure to pick up after yourself and throw away your trash promptly. Move chairs back to where you found them when you leave.
  • Rinse off before you jump in. This will help eliminate contaminants from hair products, lotions, and body oils from coming off in the pool water.
  • Use appropriate language. Our pools are a kid-friendly place. As such, we ask all residents to refrain from using inappropriate language while they are enjoying the pool.

Watch Your Children

There are many families who are proud to call their Legends apartment home and we love providing our residents with amenities that the whole family can enjoy. That being said, please be sure to keep an eye on your children when you bring them to the pool. This is important not only for their safety but also for the enjoyment of other guests. The last thing anyone wants is for a fun day at the pool to come to a premature end because someone gets hurt.

Monitor Noise Levels

Between all the splashing and the shouting, pools are noisy places by nature. However, remember that you may not be the only one who is enjoying the pool on a given afternoon and take care to monitor the noise you are making to keep it at a reasonable level. What is considered reasonable? Generally speaking, noise levels should not be loud enough that they both someone on the other side of the pool or residents who live close to the pool.

Remember to Share

While we have two pools in our award-winning community, there may be times when space, chairs, and shade are at a premium. This is especially common on weekends during the summer. Remember that our pools are for the enjoyment of our entire community, which means that you may have to share space from time to time. Try to remember that it is not courteous to reserve chairs or large poolside spots during peak times at our community pools.

Leave Glass Bottles at Home

It can certainly be convenient to plan on bringing a few snacks or beverages to the pool, especially when you are planning on being there all day. However, if you do so, be sure to bring these items in plastic bags or containers. Broken glass presents a serious safety issue on the sundeck. Additionally, if any broken glass gets in the pool, the entire pool must be drained to ensure all of the glass is removed.

Be Cognizant of Splashing

Splashing is unavoidable when you are in the pool, especially if you are in the midst of a heated volleyball match. However, try to remember that not everyone in the pool enjoys a lot of splashing. Some individuals may not appreciate the splash and the wake that accompanies belly flops and cannonballs, as we ask all residents to remember this as they are using the pools here at our Hickory apartments.

Ready to Enjoy the Pool at Our Hickory Apartments?

Are you ready to dip your toes in the cool, refreshing waters of one of the two pools at our Hickory apartments? Maybe you just want to lounge on the sundeck to catch some rays? In either case, the entire team here at The Legends is here to make sure that you have a safe, fun, and enjoyable time not only at the pool but also while taking advantage of any of our other world-class amenities. From gas grills to tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, our mission is to make sure we offer all of the amenities you could ever need to have the most fun in the sun.

Questions about our pool? Feel free to swing by the front office on your way to the pool!

A Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Hickory Apartment

Spring is finally upon us here in Hickory and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to think about cleaning your apartment for the change of season. Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to prep your place for fresh spring decor and finally bid winter goodbye. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments, we pride ourselves in offering Hickory apartments that are clean, modern, and spacious. We love offering our residents tips on how to get the most out of their living spaces and today, we’ll review seven essential spring cleaning tasks. Let’s get started!

7 Spring Cleaning Tasks

Declutter First

The first step to completing a proper spring cleaning is to declutter your space. Not only does this make it easier to clean your apartment, but will also clear out space for new belongings that you’ll purchase over the summer. First, start with your linen closets to determine if there are any towels, sheets, or other items that can be donated. Do the same with your medicine cabinet and the closet in your bedroom to see what you can purge. Below is a list of items that most of us hold onto when we don’t need to:

  • Outdated clothing
  • Expired medications
  • College textbooks
  • Old cell phones
  • Old computers
  • Old DVDs
  • Excess art and craft supplies
  • Unused exercise equipment

Thorough Dusting

Once you have decluttered your apartment, you’ll have a clean slate to start your spring cleaning. Dusting is usually one of the easiest (although most dreaded) parts of cleaning, and now is the best time to do a very detailed dusting. We recommend starting on one side of your apartment and moving to the other — this will allow you to keep track of where you have dusted. Be sure to dust shelving, vents, moldings, and light fixtures that normally get skipped in your regular cleaning routine and don’t forget to dust your blinds and ceiling fans.

Deep Clean Bathrooms and Kitchen

You probably clean your bathroom and kitchen on a regular basis to keep your apartment looking its best for visitors. However, when was the last time you gave these areas a good, deep cleaning? If it has been a while, then spring is the perfect time to tackle the tasks that you have been putting off. In the bathroom, that means cleaning the tiles and grout in the shower and in the kitchen, that means cleaning the oven, the drip pans under the burners, and cleaning out the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry.

Clean Off Patio Furniture

Whether you packed away your table and chairs for the winter or you left them out on the deck over the winter, one thing is certain: they will need a good, thorough cleaning before you can use them in the coming months. Wondering how you can do this without a hose? It’s easy! While most commercial cleaners are too abrasive for patio furniture, vinegar- and bleach-based solutions are often enough to do the trick. Pro tip: WD-40 works incredibly well for bringing back color and shine to faded patio furniture. Simply spray it on and wipe it with a clean dry cloth!

Organize Your Paperwork

If you’re like most people, you have some sort of filing system in place so that you can keep your important papers and documents organized and easy to access. If you haven’t sorted through all those documents within the last year or so, you might be surprised at how many of them can be shredded and recycled. For example, you don’t need to keep an auto insurance declarations page from two years ago. As you clean the rest of your apartment, don’t forget to look through your filing cabinet to get rid of what you don’t need.

Swap Out Bedding

Many people use heavier bedding during the winter time to help stay cozy and warm while saving money on your heating bill. Chances are you won’t need heavy bedding during the spring and summer months that are coming up, so now is a great time to swap out your bedding for some that is more seasonally appropriate. Once you take off your winter bedding, be sure to wash it so it is ready to be used again when you need it. Now is also a great time to swap out and wash window curtains and shower curtains for ones that make your place feel more bright and airy.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If all of this talk about spring cleaning has you breaking a sweat before you even pick up a rag, why not consider hiring a professional apartment cleaner to help you out? There are many reputable cleaning companies here in town and many of them have years of experience cleaning Hickory apartments. Hiring a professional cleaner can save you the time and hassle of cleaning on your own, allowing you to enjoy a spotless apartment without having to lift a finger. Need some referrals? Contact our front office!

Clean, Modern Hickory Apartments

When it comes to providing local residents with the cleanest and most modern Hickory apartments, no other community can come close to competing with The Legends. Giving your apartment a thorough cleaning a couple of times of year is always a great idea not only for appearances, but also for your comfort. If you have questions about how to best clean any of the surfaces in your apartment, or if you are interested in having the carpets cleaned, swing by the front office to talk with a friendly member of our staff. We’d love to help you enjoy your Hickory apartment as much as possible. Talk to you soon!

5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Hickory Apartments for Rent

Looking for a new place to call home can feel overwhelming, especially if you have never rented an apartment before. How do you know which community will best suit your needs? Who has the best amenities in town? It can be tough to answer these questions without taking tours of nearby apartments. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments, we pride ourselves on offering the best Hickory apartments for rent and in today’s post, we’ll review a few reasons why you’re sure to love our award-winning community. Check them out below!

Why Choose Our Luxury Apartments in Hickory?

On-Site and Virtual Tours

Touring Hickory apartments for rent is the best part about finding a new place to live. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments, we understand the importance of seeing everything an apartment community has to offer and we also understand that no two individual’s schedules are the same. This is why we gladly offer both on-site and virtual tours of our apartments and community.

Quick and Easy Online Application and Payments

Once you have seen an apartment that you love, you want to do everything you can to reserve it as quickly as possible. After all, the last thing you want is to miss out on an amazing apartment because you couldn’t get your application in quickly enough. Our online application process makes it easier than ever to apply for the apartment of your dreams and you don’t have to waste time filling out a paper application. We are even happy to accept your rent payment online — it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Incredible Amenities

The best Hickory apartments for rent have amazing amenities for their renters. We might be a bit biased, but we truly believe we have the best amenities in town and we’re confident you’ll agree once you see them. Our community boasts two resort-style swimming pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and other athletic amenities. We also have a full business center with Wi-Fi, storage spaces, garages, and a long laundry list of other incredible amenities that you’re sure to love.

Spacious Floor Plans

What makes a luxury apartment luxurious? Aside from modern finishes like 9-foot vaulted ceilings and crown molding, spacious floor plans are a must and our Hickory apartments don’t disappoint. We offer a wide variety of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments that have open-concept living areas to make luxurious living and entertaining effortless. Check out our various floor plans online today!

Pets Are Welcome

Last but not least, here at The Legends, we understand that your four-legged friend is a part of your family. Pets bring joy and unconditional love to our lives and we would never want a potential renter to feel like they have to part ways with their furry friend because they want to rent a luxury apartment. Finding a Hickory apartment for rent that accepts pets is important to you, so it is important to us. That is why pets are welcome here at The Legends, and we would love to meet yours! Swing by the front office today with your pet to say hi to our staff.

Tour Our Hickory Apartments for Rent

Are you searching for Hickory apartments for rent that check all the right boxes? Look no further than The Legends Luxury Apartments. We make it easier than ever for you to discover what makes our community stand out from the competition and we are confident you’ll love everything we have to offer. From friendly, helpful office staff to beautiful, luxurious living spaces and amenities, The Legends has it all. Schedule your tour today or fill out a rental application online now. Welcome to The Legends Lifestyle!

Luxury Apartment Decorating Ideas for Spring

April is here and temperatures are slowly climbing into the 70s on a regular basis. That can only mean one thing — spring has finally made its appearance in Hickory! The time has arrived to pack away your winter clothes and get your apartment ready for the warmer months ahead. As your award-winning apartment community in town, The Legends is all too happy to provide you with a few luxury apartment decorating ideas for spring that will transform your unit from ordinary to extraordinary. Check them out below and don’t forget to contact the main office for any maintenance concerns that arise in the process of decorating your apartment.

Get Your Apartment Spring-Ready

Candles and Essential Oils

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of spring flair to your apartment is to add some fresh spring scents to your space. Candles come in a variety of colors and scents, making them great for virtually every room in your apartment. Love the smell of lavender? Try placing a lavender-scented candle in your bathroom. If you love the scent of garden roses, why not place a rose-scented candle in your living room? If you don’t like the idea of burning a candle in your apartment, diffusing essential oils is a safe alternative that has an equally appealing effect. Essential oils like sweet orange, sandalwood, and coriander are wonderful choices for spring!

Flowers and Greenery

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers and greenery. Incorporating these items into your apartment is a sure way to inject some spring into the space, and it is one of the most affordable luxury apartment decorating ideas out there. Peace lilies are beautiful indoor plants that feature abundant greenery and stunning white flowers that bloom in the spring. If indoor plants aren’t your thing, why not incorporate some spring blooms out on your spacious deck? Tulips, pansies, and azaleas are classic springtime flowers, and you’ll love the beauty they add to your outdoor living space.

Floor Rugs

Sometimes we can be so busy swapping out winter decor for spring decor that we forget to consider that the appearance of the floors in an apartment contributes greatly to the overall aesthetic. If you have area rugs and runners that are made of thick, dark-colored material, swapping them out for brighter, lighter rugs can go a long way in decorating your apartment for spring. Don’t feel like you have to stick to solid-colored rugs, either — there are plenty of patterned rugs out there that will do a wonderful job of tying your space together. Since many of our floor plans are open-concept, the right floor rugs also do a wonderful job of defining different spaces.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

While you are taking a look at your floors, be sure to take a good look at the couches and chairs in your apartment. Are they still decorated with pillows and blankets from the holidays? Are they missing pillows, throws, and other accents altogether? If so, take the changing of the season as an opportunity to inject some color into your space and there is no time like spring for experimenting with different color palettes. Have a neutral-colored couch? Sage green and dusty blue are a couple trending colors for spring this year, so why not incorporate these colors in your throw pillows and blankets? Conversely, if you already have bold-colored furniture, decorating with light, neutral-colored throws is great for spring decor.

Lighter Bedding

Last but not least, be sure not to overlook your bedroom when you are in the process of getting your apartment ready for spring. Many luxury apartment decorating ideas are geared towards kitchens, living rooms, and other main living areas, but your bedroom is equally as important. Changing out your bedding is one of the quickest, easiest ways to get your bedroom ready for spring. If you still have the flannel sheets on your bed and a heavy duvet comforter on top, now is the time to swap them out for linens that are lighter. The same color rules apply here as they do in other areas of your apartment, so don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors and patterns to get your bedroom ready for the warmer season ahead.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Luxury Apartment in Hickory!

These are just a few luxury apartment decorating ideas that can help you get ready for spring. Additionally, you can always open up your windows to get some fresh air moving through your apartment or swap out the patio furniture on your spacious deck. Before you know it, our resort-style swimming pools open up for the season, allowing you to soak up the sun and enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. It doesn’t get any better than that! Have fun decorating your apartment for spring, and don’t forget to give your friendly front office staff a call if your apartment needs any type of maintenance.

Happy spring from all of us here at The Legends Luxury Apartments!

Which Of Our Spacious Floor Plans Will You Choose?

Whether you are a first-time renter who is looking for an apartment or you are an experienced renter who is researching places for rent in Hickory, knowing the types of spaces each community has to offer can simplify your search. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments, we have a number of spacious floor plans with modern finishings that are sure to provide plenty of space for your belongings without breaking the bank. Today, we’ll provide an overview of our floor plans to help you get to know our award-winning community a little better. Let’s get started!

Luxury Apartment Floor Plans

One-Bedroom Floor Plans

  • Eastwood (730 square feet)
  • Monroe (807 square feet)
  • Dean (816 square feet)

Our single-bedroom floor plans are incredibly popular among students, retirees, and single individuals as they check all the right boxes in terms of space and must-have amenities. Each apartment features a large bedroom with an adjoining closet and bath, as well as an open living room and dining room for an open-concept feel. In-unit washer and dryer hookups make laundry a breeze, and the Dean floorplan even features a fireplace for those chilly fall and winter nights in Hickory. Access to your own outdoor deck is the cherry on top of these sweet places for rent, making them a must-see in your apartment hunting ventures.

Two-Bedroom Floor Plans

  • Davis (975 square feet)
  • Hayworth (1,029 square feet)
  • Hepburn (1,124 square feet)
  • Bogart (1,128 square feet)

If there is one thing we are certain of, it is that we offer the most diverse range of two-bedroom apartments for rent in Hickory. There is roughly a 150-square-foot variance between our smallest and largest two-bedroom unit, which allows renters several options when it comes to choosing a place that strikes the right balance between space and affordability. The Hayworth floor plan is a popular choice thanks to its fireplace and spacious kitchen. The Hepburn floor plan is also very popular as it has all of the features of the Hayworth with the added bonus of having two spacious bedrooms on opposite sides of the unit. This provides family members and roommates the benefit of privacy and a clear division of space.

Three-Bedroom Floor Plans

  • Bogart (1,128 square feet)
  • Duke (1,371 square feet)

Last, but certainly not least, are our amazing three-bedroom floor plans. The Pressley and the Duke both offer everything you would expect from a three-bedroom luxury apartment, including spacious floor plans. In fact, one of the things our renters love about our three-bedroom apartments is that they offer more than 1,300 square feet, making them comparable to some of the condos in the Hickory-area without the worry of HOA fees and condo association dues. Our three-bedroom apartments are great for small families and friends who want to strengthen their bond by sharing a place to live, offering plenty of indoor and outdoor space for everyone.

Researching Places for Rent in Hickory?

Are you looking for your next place to call home? Are you excited to be on the hunt for your very first apartment? The Legends is proud to offer the most luxurious places for rent in Hickory, and we would love to give you a tour of our community. From our spacious floor plans and incredible amenities to our convenient location just minutes away from 1-40 and downtown Hickory, there is plenty to love about our luxury apartments. Give us a call or reach out to us online today to schedule a tour. Short on time? No problem! Check out photos of our community or take a virtual tour online now — welcome to the Legends lifestyle!

A Closer Look at Our 2-Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Searching for an apartment that suits your budget and your lifestyle can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you will be living with a roommate or other family members. Determining how many bedrooms you need before you start taking tours can be helpful; not only does it concentrate your search efforts, but it also saves you the time of touring apartments that won’t work for your particular needs. Here at The Legends Luxury Apartments in Hickory, we are here to help you find the apartment you’ve been dreaming about, and our 2-bedroom apartments for rent are sure to check all the right boxes. Let’s take a closer look at the three spacious 2-bedroom floor plans we offer in our community and what makes each of them so special.

Our 2-Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

The Davis Floor Plan

Square Footage: 975

Notable Features

  • In-unit laundry
  • 4 closets (including coat and linen closet)
  • Spacious outdoor deck


The Davis floor plan might be our smallest 2-bedroom apartment for rent, but you’re sure to find that good things often come in small packages. This floor plan is spacious and thoughtfully laid out from the time you enter the foyer until you venture back into the walk-in closet of the 2nd bedroom. An open-concept living room and dining room allows for easy conversation between you and your guests and the in-unit laundry is a convenience that you’ll love on those lazy Sundays. The spacious walk-out deck is great for spending time outdoors enjoying the great weather we have here in Hickory, whether you are sharing a meal with friends or reading a book.

This floor plan is ideal for the single individual who wants the benefit of having an extra bedroom for hobbies and out-of-town guests. It is also a popular choice among college students who want to share a place with a roommate but don’t want to live in the dorms.

The Hayworth Floor Plan

Square Footage: 1,029

Notable Features

  • In-unit laundry
  • 3 closets (including linen closet)
  • Extra-large deck
  • Spacious bathroom and kitchen


The Hayworth is our middle-of-the-road 2-bedroom floor plan that strikes the right balance between affordability and luxury living. Here, we have expanded the open-concept living room and dining room to provide you with ample entertaining space and many of our Hayworth floor plans include a fireplace in the living room. This makes this floor plan incredibly desirable! The deck has also been made larger in the Hayworth so as to enhance the time you spend outdoors. The bathroom is also larger in this floor plan, ensuring that you (and your roommate or family members, if you share a unit) have plenty of room for all of your toiletries and bathroom essentials.

This floor plan is ideal for the single individual who wants to live in spacious luxury, and for those who enjoy their outdoor time. Retired couples and small families also love this floor plan because the larger living spaces and bathroom make it feel more homey.

The Hepburn Floor Plan

Square Footage: 1,124

Notable Features

  • In-unit laundry
  • 4 closets (including coat and linen closet)
  • Pantry in kitchen
  • Bedrooms on opposite sides of the unit with separate bathrooms
  • Spacious deck


If you are searching for the most affordable and spacious 2-bedroom apartments for rent in the Hickory area, The Legends has you covered with our Hepburn floor plan. Boasting almost 150 more square feet than the already-impressive Davis floor plan, there is plenty to love about this layout. To start, the kitchen in this unit is extra large and it features a dedicated pantry for food storage. The in-unit laundry space is larger as well, but the perks don’t stop there. By far the most noteworthy feature of the Hepburn floor plan is that the two bedrooms are on opposite sides of the unit and they each have their own bathroom to ensure maximum privacy.

Thanks to its extra square footage, this floor plan is ideal for small families. It is also the perfect floor plan for college students and working professionals who enjoy the financial perks of having a roommate, but also appreciate a clear division of space.

The Bogart Floor Plan

Square Footage: 1,128

Notable Features

  • In-unit laundry
  • 4 closets (including coat and linen closet)
  • Bedrooms with a clear separation of space
  • Two full bathrooms
  • Large deck


Another one of our incredible 2-bedroom apartments for rent, the Bogart includes many of the same features as the Hepburn floor plan, but with a slightly different layout. Renters tell us all the time how much they love having space between the two bedrooms in this unit, and they enjoy having a modern, open-concept living room and dining room that allows them to entertain friends and family. There is plenty of closet space with this floor plan for clothes, coats, linens, and more, and the spacious kitchen makes whipping up your favorite treats a breeze. Similar to the Hepburn floor plan, the Bogart also comes with a large deck so that you can make the most of your outdoor living space.

This floor plan is great for small families, and it also makes a great unit for couples who are getting their first place together. Working professionals with roommates also enjoy this floor plan as it strikes the right balance between affordability and privacy thanks to the space between the bedrooms.

Searching for 2-Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Hickory?

Finding the right apartment is easier than you think when you begin your search at The Legends Luxury Apartments in Hickory. Our 2-bedroom apartments for rent are ideal for everyone from the single college student to the small family, and the numerous amenities that we offer are the icing on the cake. Our award-winning community has a little something for everyone and we would love to show you around. Contact our team today to schedule your tour — we look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t have time for an on-site tour? No problem! View photos and take a virtual tour anytime, anywhere!

Ready to rent one of our 2-bedroom apartments? Apply online now!

Trying to Find Luxury Apartments in Hickory?

In our previous post, we highlighted a few of the amenities that you should look for as you tour different apartment communities in search of a new place to call home. Here at The Legends, we know that it can feel overwhelming when you first set out to find luxury apartments in Hickory that suit your lifestyle needs and your budget, and we are happy to help make your search as easy as possible however we can. If you have questions about our award-winning community, please give us a call — we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, check out the following three tips that can help streamline your apartment searching endeavors.

3 Tips for Finding Luxury Apartments

Search Online

The internet is the first place that most people will turn to when they are trying to find luxury apartments. This is a great idea, as you can learn a lot about a community simply by visiting its website and a simple online search of “luxury apartments near me” will provide you with several different communities to check out. From virtual apartment tours and floor plan examples to a list of amenities and an online application, you’ll find everything you need when you visit The Legends website.

Ask Around

Though the internet is great for answering virtually any query in a matter of seconds, nothing compares to hearing first-hand about different luxury apartment communities from friends and family who have lived in them. More often than not, you can count on getting detailed, honest feedback from speaking with individuals directly about their experience with their apartment community. Checking online reviews is another great way to hear what people have to say about various luxury apartments in Hickory.

Take a Drive

Finally, in addition to searching online, asking friends and family about their experiences, and reading online reviews, you may find it helpful to take a quick drive around town to determine which apartment communities have the most desirable location. We are confident you’ll love the convenient location of The Legends — we are just minutes away from I-40 and downtown Hickory, and just a short walk from the GreenWay bus route as well as numerous entertainment and shopping opportunities. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Find Luxury Apartments In Hickory

Whether you are just beginning your journey to find luxury apartments in Hickory or you have toured a number of communities already, one thing is certain — your search ends when you visit The Legends. Our luxury apartments boast spacious floor plans and a long laundry list of amenities that you are sure to love, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, two pools, a theater room, and garages, to name a few. We’d love to speak with you to learn more about what you are looking for in a luxury apartment and provide you with an on-site tour of our incredible community. Take a virtual apartment tour today or contact us by phone — we look forward to hearing from you!

Luxurious Amenities To Look For In Virtual Apartment Tours

Looking for a new apartment can be fun, but it can also be time-consuming. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to physically tour apartment after apartment to find the one that suits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. To help make your hunt for the perfect luxury apartment in Hickory as convenient as possible, The Legends offers virtual apartment tours that can be taken anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Do you know what to be on the lookout for when you a luxury apartment virtual tour?

In today’s post, we’ll review seven must-have amenities that will make you feel like a star from the time you pull into our community until you step foot into your own apartment. Check them out below, then take your own online tour of our luxury apartments today!

Five-Star Luxury Apartment Amenities

9-Foot Vaulted Ceilings

At first glance, the height of the ceiling in your apartment might not seem like that big of a deal. However, studies have shown that higher ceilings can make interior spaces look bigger than they are. While many apartments with outdated construction have flat, 8-foot ceilings, we are happy to say that our units have vaulted, 9-foot ceilings here at The Legends. Beyond making your apartment feel more spacious, you will actually have extra room overhead to accommodate tall furniture like four-poster beds, bookcases, and entertainment centers.

Oversized Closets

An inherent lack of closet space is one of the biggest concerns for many apartment dwellers. This is not a surprise given that some apartments might only have a single closet that seems no bigger than a matchbox for the entire unit. As you are taking your luxury apartment virtual tour, pay close attention to how much closet space each unit offers. The luxury apartments at The Legends boast some of the most spacious closets in town. That means you’ll never have to try to figure out how to integrate your storage items into your apartment’s decor because your closets are too small.


If you have lived in Hickory for long enough to experience a winter season here, then you know that average low temperatures can dip down into the 30s and sometimes even into the 20s. A fireplace might not be on your list of must-have amenities, but you’ll be glad you have one when the cold weather settles in for the season. As you take our virtual apartment tours, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a fireplace. Several of the units at The Legends include a fireplace, and if this is an amenity you’d like to have, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help make it happen when possible.

Large Patios and Balconies

Just as the weather can be chilling during the winter in Hickory, it can also be unbelievably gorgeous in the spring, summer, and fall. There is no better way to enjoy the mild temperatures and abundant sunshine during these times of year than by hanging out with your friends on your patio or balcony. However, if your new apartment has a patio or balcony that is too small, you might find your outdoor entertainment options limited. As you take your luxury apartment virtual tour of The Legends, you’ll be pleased to see that each of our apartments comes with either a large patio or a large balcony to help you make the most of your time outdoors.

Incredible Fitness Center

This is one amenity that is on nearly everyone’s checklist, and for good reason. Having a conveniently located fitness center makes it easier than ever to keep up with your health and fitness goals, which is something virtually everyone could use some help with every now and then. In addition to looking for a state-of-the-art fitness center during your virtual apartment tours, keep an eye out for other fitness amenities also. As you tour The Legends, you’ll note that we have two resort-style swimming pools, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a volleyball court in addition to our incredible fitness center.

Covered Parking

Residents love the mild climate that we experience most of the year here in Hickory. However, there are times we experience severe thunderstorms and other types of inclement weather that could damage your vehicle if it is parked out in the open. It is times like these when apartment renters appreciate having covered parking, and many individuals place having a garage high on their list of priorities as they are looking for a new apartment. We are happy to offer garages here at The Legends. Not only will a garage help protect your car from weather damage, but it will also ensure it is safe and secure when you aren’t driving it.

Entertainment Space

Last but not least, you want to be sure that the apartment community you are thinking about moving into has some kind of entertainment space for you to enjoy with any guests that come to visit you. Whether it is a clubhouse that you can rent out for gatherings or some other type of communal space, this is a desirable benefit that luxury apartment communities in Hickory should offer. As you tour The Legends, you’re likely to notice our state-of-the-art theater room that is available for residents to use. Complete with an extra wide screen, surround sound, and other essential features, our theater room is the perfect spot to have a night in with a few of your closest friends or family members.

Luxury Apartments in Hickory With Amenities

The Legends luxury apartments in Hickory takes great pride in being the most prestigious apartment community in the area. From our spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans to our incredible amenities, we would love to show you all of the ways in which our community is the right choice for your next Hickory apartment. If you’d like more information about how to apply for an apartment, or if you would like to take an on-site tour of our community, contact our team today. Welcome to the Legends lifestyle!

4 Signs You Need a Luxury Apartment at The Legends



There were likely a few things that you just loved about your apartment complex when you first moved into your current place. Whether it appeared to have amazing amenities or the common spaces were clean and inviting, there was a reason why you chose to sign a lease and move in. However, now that some time has passed, you might find yourself looking for different Hickory apartments for rent for one reason or another.

The Legends Luxury Apartments check all of the right boxes for discerning renters, and we would love to speak with you about your apartment goals. Contact our team today to learn more about our amenities and award-winning community and be sure to take a virtual tour of our spacious floor plans. In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few tell-tale signs that it is time for you to rent a luxury apartment at The Legends.

Is It Time to Find a New Apartment?

Your Apartment Amenities Are Run Down

Amenities are one of the best parts about living in luxury apartments. Unfortunately, some communities entice new renters with promises of world-class amenities only to have their pool, workout facility, and clubhouse fall short of amazing. Renters who feel like their current community management has over-promised and under-delivered might be better off searching for different Hickory apartments for rent. We are confident that you that you won’t be disappointed with the amenities provided at The Legends!

Your Community Management Isn’t Great

If you have a plumbing leak in the middle of the night or you experience some other type of emergency, can you count on your current community management to help you out? Those who rent the inexpensive luxury apartments at The Legends can count on management in their time of need, and if you feel let down by your apartment manager time and time again, then it might be wise to consider looking at other local apartments for rent.

You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space

Most homeowners have all the storage space they need between closets, attics, crawlspaces, and garages. Apartment dwellers, on the other hand, are sometimes plagued with a surprising lack of storage space. Here at The Legends, we know how important your belongings are to you, which is why we offer community storage spaces as a standard amenity available to all renters. Swing by today to check them out!

You’re Tired of Your Roommate

There are many times when a roommate becomes a life-long friend. Unfortunately, there are also times when you don’t think that you can spend another moment with your roommate. Sound familiar? If you find that you are coming up on the end of your lease and your current roommate plans on renewing their portion of the lease, you might be better off finding a different apartment to share with a new roommate.

Searching for Inexpensive Luxury Apartments in Hickory?

Are you tired of not having all of the amenities you want or need at your disposal, or not having the storage space you require for your belongings? Maybe you feel like the community management in your current community isn’t as responsive as you’d like? Regardless of why you are unhappy in your current apartment, The Legends is here to help. We offer inexpensive luxury apartments in Hickory that don’t compromise on quality, and we guarantee you will be blown away by how much you get for your money here. From a long list of incredible amenities and beautiful apartment interiors, you won’t find better Hickory apartments for rent. Contact us today to get started!

8 Tips for Living in Luxury Apartments on a Budget

You might think that living in luxury apartments is out of the question if you are on a strict budget. However, here at The Legends, we believe you should never have to compromise on style and comfort, especially when it comes to where you live. Because of this, we are proud to offer spacious apartments that exude elegance and luxury at every turn, all for some of the most affordable rates in Hickory. Living in a luxury apartment on a budget has never been easier when you rent from us. Today, our team offers a few tips for living in luxury apartments on a budget. Check them out below!

Luxury Apartment Living on a Budget

Save on Energy When Possible

In a previous post, we reviewed a few simple things you can do to help lower your apartment’s energy bill. Traditional homeowners have the option of upgrading their insulation, replacing windows, and making other changes throughout their home in order to make their property more energy-efficient. Renters might not be able to do all of the things that homeowners can, but they can do simple things like swapping out incandescent light bulbs for CFL and LED bulbs, change out shower heads, and use window coverings to help reduce energy costs.

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

Renting your first luxury apartment is an exciting prospect. Some people find it so exciting that they rush out to purchase new furniture so that they can further enhance the beauty of their space once they move in. While shopping for new furniture can be fun, it can also be expensive. To save money on furniture, try picking up dressers, tables, and other primary pieces of furniture at a thrift store and flex your creative muscles. The cost of secondhand furniture and materials combined is likely less than new furniture, and you will have a custom-made piece when all is said and done.

Eat Out Less

When you live by yourself, it can be very tempting to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, especially if you feel like you aren’t very good in the kitchen or you hate eating leftovers. While convenient, eating out all of the time comes at a premium and it isn’t that great for your health either. Learning how to cook for yourself can be fun and liberating, and it can save you money, to boot. It doesn’t have to be boring or burdensome either — to make it more fun, why not invite some friends over or start a local dinner club to meet new friends?

Rent Near Public Transportation

There is no doubt that having your own car is convenient, but this convenience comes at a price. Car payments, fuel, insurance, taxes, registration fees, and other expenses add up quickly, and before you know it, you find yourself paying out hundreds of dollars a month that you could be saving. Finding an apartment that is close to public transportation is a great way to slash your expenses when you are looking for an apartment on a budget. Thankfully, The Legends is just a short walk from the GreenWay bus route here in Hickory!

Consider a Roommate

Most of us like the idea of living alone. Having your own space to use and decorate as you see fit is one of the rites of adulthood, and some individuals don’t even want to entertain the thought of sharing their space with someone else. However, getting a roommate can be a positive experience for many reasons. First and foremost, it will allow you to save money on rent, utilities, and other expenses because you will have someone to split them with. Additionally, it is an opportunity to build a friendship that could last for years!

Create a Budget

One of the best ways to rent a luxury apartment on a budget is to…well, create a budget! Imagine how disappointing it would be to have the luxury apartment of your dreams and no money to enjoy yourself. Remember that your rent payment, including utilities, fees, and other recurring expenses, should be within 25 to 30 percent of your take-home pay. From there, it will be much easier to determine your priorities in terms of entertainment, transportation, and other expenses.

Rent Farther Away from the University

If you are a student at Lenoir-Rhyne University here in Hickory, you may think that it makes the most sense for you to find an apartment that is as close to campus as possible. While certainly convenient, apartments that are close to the university are often more expensive to rent than those a little farther away. Finding a luxury apartment that is slightly off the beaten path can save you hundreds of dollars a month with minimal inconvenience. Take The Legends, for example. We are not on-campus, but we are only an 11-minute drive away from the university.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Finally, taking the time to research and secure renter’s insurance is a sure-fire way to save money when you live in an apartment. We know what you’re thinking. How can spending money on an insurance policy that you will hopefully never have to use save you money? In the event that you have a fire or flood in your apartment, your renter’s insurance policy can help you replace damaged property, saving you the expense of replacing it with your own hard-earned money.

Dreaming of Living in Luxury Apartments?

If you want to live in a luxury apartment on a budget, The Legends Luxury Apartments in Hickory has you covered. We offer nine-foot vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, oversized patios and balconies, spacious floor plans, and a long laundry list of amenities that you have to see to believe. Our team would love to meet you and speak with you about your specific housing goals, and we are happy to provide you with an on-site tour of our award-winning community. Tight on time? No worries! Check out our virtual tour and photos online today and give us a call with questions. Welcome to the luxury lifestyle!